BizMarkets2Go FAQ

Over 95% of our industry geo-mapping is precise within a block or so. Less than 5% is reliant on what is called Zip Centroid methodology, which fixes an entity location at the center of its known zip code. Zip Centroid establishment locations are indicated on the industry map as “Zip Centroid; not actual location”.

Most desktop and laptop devices will “find” the Current Location center-point of your market radius by IP address, not actual longitude/latitude coordinates. This can result in inaccurate market radii, especially for small areas. You can avoid this problem by inputting and address or using a drop pin for location on these devises—or by using the Current Location on any mobile device.
No. Inputs are completely optional. While all industry and demographic metrics will be displayed, if you choose not to input sales or employment, there will be no comparisons made in the report.
You can customize a view by using the Google Maps zoom tool (+/-) on every B2Go industry map. No matter how much you zoom, the auto-PDF tool will create a default map view, usually encompassing the selected radius. In Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari, use your browser print tool to create and print a custom map view.
To print the displayed map view, you must be using either Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari, all of which support a PDF Print creation tool in the browser. Use the browser print function to create and save a PDF on your hard drive at the precise zoom level you want. Be sure to select the PDF printer in your browser print tool.
Reports are saved on the Bizmarkets2Go web app site ( Login to the web app site, select My Accounts and then My Reports. You can recall any of the reports on your list for up to 30 days. Reports cannot be re-accessed from the mobile app, but any report purchased on the mobile app will be stored for re-access on the BizMarkets2Go web site My Reports page.
Reports are saved on the Bizmarkets2Go web app site ( for 30 days and are then deleted. We strongly recommend that you download a report PDF during that time.
To email a report PDF, simply click on the email icon at the top of the report. To create a default view PDF, click on the PDF icon. For custom map PDFs, see “How do I customize my industry map view?”
Since Census demographics are not accurately available for radii, we align the radial market area with geocodes that represent each Census Tract centroid. That is, we find the geographical center of each census tract and if it falls within the radius, we include that census tract in the demographic analysis. The demographic data source is the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, which is updated annually.
We estimate sales data by applying industry- and location-specific Sales per Employee data (updated monthly) to actual business employment reports.
Not every data element is available for every business record. Before purchasing any list, you have the opportunity to screen out records that do not include key contact information elements.